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Program of Study

A Program of Study is a listing of course work agreed to by the student and the degree program specifying course degree requirements. A specific Program of Study, which may vary from student to student, must be formulated jointly by the student and the appropriate committee or adviser in the program area and approved by the college. A Program of Study form should be prepared and signed by the adviser and student, given to the graduate program director for review and forwarded to the College of Graduate studies for approval. Once approved by CGS, it will be kept in the student's permanent file. It must comply with the student's relevant catalog. The College of Graduate studies has created templates for the Program of Study for masters (thesis and non-thesis), specialist and doctoral students. Many programs have already created their own forms. CGS will accept these forms as long as all of the items from our template are included.

Programs of Study for students seeking a master's or specialist degree should be on file with the College of Graduate Studies by the end of the student's second major term (based on full-time enrollment) and must be on file by the end of the term prior to the term of expected graduation. Programs of Study for students seeking a doctoral degree should be on file with the College of Graduate Studies by the end of the third major term of enrollment (based on full-time enrollment), and must be on file prior to the change to candidacy status.

All graduate programs of study must include independent learning as part of course and other assignments. This may be accomplished by research papers and reports, evidence of reflective learning in individual portfolios, creation of original works, and/or demonstration of integration of knowledge as part of course work in a capstone course and other requirements for the degree.

The student and his/her advisory committee may make changes in the program of study at any time with approval of the graduate program director. However, once established, the program of study cannot be altered solely due to poor academic performance of the student.

The College of Graduate Studies will place a checklist for the Program of Study on each student record. This checklist will appear in myUCF as a “to-do” item. Once the POS is approved by CGS, we will mark the checklist as complete and it will no longer display in myUCF for the student. Program faculty and staff will be able to see the student’s checklist status (complete or incomplete) in GradInfo in the active student report.

Questions regarding the Program of Study should be directed to graddegr@mail.ucf.edu

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