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CITI Responsible Conduct of Research Training

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program is an organization that provides online research ethics education to all members of the research community, including more than a thousand U.S. and international institutions. Provided at no cost to researchers, this training includes several training courses with options for different disciplines.

You are encouraged to take advantage of this free CITI training. This educational resource is open to all faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral associates. Please consult the UCF Institutional Review Board (IRB) for guidance on CITI training required for specific research projects (see CITI Protection of Human Research Subjects training).

Creating a CITI Account for the First Time

  • Go to www.citiprogram.org
  • Follow the instructions on the CITI Main Menu to create a user account for yourself, giving special attention to this field
    • Select “University of Central Florida” as your institution

  • On the second registration page, provide the information requested by UCF, giving special attention to these fields
    • Institutional email address – Enter your UCF e-mail address
    • UCF Employee Number – Enter your UCF ID number (e.g., 1234567)

  • On the Select Curriculum page, scroll down to section 4, Responsible Conduct of Research, and select the course in the appropriate disciplinary area for you
  • On the next registration page, you may also affiliate yourself with another institution, if you wish. Otherwise, select No.
  • You have now completed CITI registration. In the My Courses section on the CITI Main Menu, you should see the Responsible Conduct of Research course. To start the course, click the red Enter link in the Status column.

Read the instructions carefully before you begin so you will know what you must do in order to receive credit for completing the Responsible Conduct of Research training. You may choose to complete the training in one session or in multiple sessions. Always follow the instructions carefully in order to save your work and remember to check your progress as you go.

UCF has access to review your CITI completion record. However, you may wish to print the certificate of completion for your own records.